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Clean Air – Cool Planet’s recommendations on climate change action for Obama

Clean Air — Cool Planet, a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding and promoting solutions to global warming, has offered recommendations on climate change action for President-Elect Obama’s consideration.

Clean Air — Cool Action notes that as president, Barack Obama “will have the opportunity and responsibility of establishing American leadership on climate change with a robust new strategy.” The organization cited the scale and complexity of the climate issue as unprecedented and one that will require a renewed focus on the interconnection between the economy, national security and the environment. This report outlines 25 early-action recommendations through which the new administration can lay the foundations for success in addressing climate change at both the domestic and international levels.”

” In recent months we have seen more reports on the vast loss of Arctic sea ice in the summer; increased melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet presaging an accelerated level of sea-level rise; the rate of buildup of absorption capacity of the globe’s oceanic and terrestrial carbon sinks; the increased acidification of the oceans caused by already-absorbed CO2 threatening oceanic life; and temperature-driven pest outbreaks threatening forests throughout North America. These trends can only be expected to accelerate unless decisive action is taken soon.”

The Presidential transition presents a unique opportunity to craft a new, more successful approach to the climate issue, and to break the gridlock that has so far prevented the U.S. from helping to lead the international effort to avert disastrous climate change. Successfully seizing this opportunity will require a policy approach that meets the scale of the climate challenge while being economically sound, responding to the realities of higher energy prices and acknowledging the impacts of the ongoing crisis in our financial markets.  Clean Air-Cool Planet offers this report in the belief that a well-thought out program of early actions will help the next administration successfully address this most important challenge.

More information is available online at http://www.cleanair-coolplanet.org/cpc/PLI_report.php


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