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Words of Warming: Climate news briefs

In her periodic newsletter and update, Goddard College Professor Catherine Lowther circulates these “Words of warming”. With her permission, we pass these items to our readers.

Dreaming the future can create the future. We stand at the threshold of a singular opportunity in the human experiment: To re-imagine how to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other and future generations. It’s a revolution from the heart of nature — and the human heart. Then again, in the immortal words of Yogi Berra, “The future ain’t what it used to be.” We also stand at the brink of worldwide ecological and civilizational collapse. We face a reckoning from the treacherous breach in our relationship with nature.

Future Scenarios by David Holmgren, author of Permaculture, Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability

FutureScenarios.org presents an integrated approach to understanding the potential interaction between Climate Change and Peak Oil using a scenario planning model. In the process I introduce permaculture as a design system specifically evolved over the last 30 years to creatively respond to futures that involve progressively less and less available energy.

This exploration of energy descent scenarios has been an organic one which began with a didactic intention to highlight how large scale energetic and environmental factors shape history more than ideologies and the heroic actions of individuals. But my purpose was to empower those committed to ecological values and social justice to be effective in their quest to create the world we want, rather than just resist the world we don’t want.

Let us act as if we are part of nature’s striving for the next evolutionary way to creatively respond to the recurring cycles of energy ascent and descent that characterize human history and the more ancient history of Gaia, the living planet. Imagine that our descendants and our ancestors are watching us.

Earth 2100

ABC is producing a special about the earth’s future to air next September and is inviting anyone to submit a 3 minute video about what you think the world will be like in 2015, 2050, and 2100. See trailers and film clips already submitted at http://earth2100.tv/



  1. In the interest of keeper Clarksville Online readers educated, and transparency of our sources where appropriate I feel the need to note the following:

    The original author of this piece is, as noted Catherine Lowther. Lowther possesses her Doctorate in Conciousness Studies, her Masters in counseling psychology, and her Bachelor’s degree in Transpersonal. She does not possess a degree of any sort that relates directly to climotography, nor is she qualified to conduct any research in that area.

    The author of Dreaming the Future, linked in the opening paragraph, is Kenny Ausubel, Founder and CEO of Bioneers, a firm that’s business model assumes global warming exists, is man-made, is reversible, and should be reversed, and should be done so in a manner hostile to the capitalist ideal. Mr. Ausubel is a journalist, and is also NOT in any way a scientist.

    Future Scenarios is created and maintained by Holmgren. Holmgren is the only one of the three to have any credentials relevant. Mr. Holmgren is an ecologist, who is at least peripherally concerned with climate, though his expertise on climate change is questionable at best.

    In other words, readers should be advised that this article IS not scientific in nature and should note that any claims made here may or may not be valid, but should not be taken on the basis of there appearance herein.

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