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T’was the Night before Christmas…


father-christmasAs Christmas Eve settles over us, families gather and children, well, children have their eyes on the skies for that hoped-for glimpse of St. Nick, the reindeer, and the sleigh filled with delights to be found under Christmas trees the following morning.

For that perfect video rendering of that bedtime story on Christmas Eve, we turn to William Goldstein’s  whimsical version of Clement Moore’s classic poem (the text follows). Goldstein’s sets the poem for Orchestra, Chorus and Narrator. «Read the rest of this article»

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TCPR’s “Lump of Coal” award goes to “Slap Suit” filers Swift, Wilkinson


lump-of-coalNASHVILLE – The Tennessee Center for Policy Research today announced that Clarksville City Councilman Richard Swift and Wayne Wilkinson, a member of Clarksville’s Downtown District Partnership, are the recipients of the “2008 Lump of Coal Award.”

opinion-081The Tennessee Center for Policy Research awards this dubious distinction annually to the person or group in Tennessee who, more than any other over the past year, acted as a Grinch to Tennesseans by bah-humbugging the principles of liberty and limited government.


Joyce Vanderbilt, owner of Kelly's on Riverside Drive, displays the controversial ad that resulted in a libel suit against the CPRC.

Swift and Wilkinson receive the fourth annual badge of disgrace for leading efforts to take the homes and businesses of Clarksville residents through eminent domain for a private redevelopment scheme that would line their own pockets.

When a group of citizens criticized Swift and Wilkinson for their attack against private property and their conflicts of interest, the shameless duo assaulted the Clarksville residents’ First Amendment rights by filing a frivolous lawsuit attempting to silence the criticism. «Read the rest of this article»

The tale of Mugly the cat: Mother to all


tabbyMugly was a farm cat to an elderly woman in Muhlenberg, Kentucky. She was quite nondescript as far as coloring, a bit of a mix of several dark colors all rolled into one. She was not fancy by any means, and was content living the outside life, catching mice, and sleeping on a patch of warm hay in the tool shed out by the barn. However, Mugly had a desire for something that went beyond farm life. She yearned for something that other female cats never gave much thought to. She wanted to be a mother to kittens. «Read the rest of this article»

City Council postpones marina lease vote


Lower Riverside Drive from the airThe City Council last night postponed its vote on a resolution to sign an lease agreement with Greg Batts, the designated developer of the proposed Clarksville Marina at Fairgrounds Park. The United States Army Corps of Engineers recently informed the city that the USACOE  could not begin its review of the marina permit application without a signed agreement in place.

“The reason for the end of year work on this is a request by the Corp of Engineers. They want an agreement for the marina signed as a part of their final approval. The city does not want to delay their review,” according to City Councilman Bill Summers in an e-mail to his constituency. That does not dovetail with a statement made to Clarksville Online by the USACOE.

“According the USACOE, the permit process will be the same for the TEPPCO terminal as the Clarksville Marina Fairgrounds Redevelopment Project. Upon receipt of a complete application:

  • an application review will be conducted
  • a public notice will be issued and public comment period would be declared where public questions, objections and concerns will be studied.
  • Following the resolution of the public comment and issues, an environmental assessment will have to be conducted and any issues and concerns resulting from that analysis would have to be resolved.
  • The USACOE would then consider issuing a permit.'”

Turner McCullough Jr., CO 12.22.08

Councilors seemed satisfied with the basic terms of the lease, which would assess a land lease price of $24,000 a year for the first five years, and adjust that rate with the consumer index for next 25 years. Batts would be required to pay the city 5% quarterly  of the marina’s gross  revenue, and 1% of on site boat sales over the site rental charge. (Ed. It must be noted that the area where the base of the former Fairgrounds Pavilion stood is already being used as a roadside  showroom for boat sales). «Read the rest of this article»

Flu virus resists antiviral medication Tamiflu


tamifluOn Friday, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a notice that the current mix of influenza virus prevalent contains one strain that is resistant to the best-selling antiviral flu medication, Tamiflu.

According to the CDC, there is no cause for alarm as it is early in the flu season, and the resistant strain, known as H1N1 displayed a dominant presence at the start of last year’s flu season only to switch to the strain known as H3N2. The current influenza vaccine is formulated to defend against the three dominant strains, H1N1, H3N2 and Influenza B. «Read the rest of this article»

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