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Experience the World without leaving home; host an exchange student

afsEver wonder what you can do to help change the world? Open your home and family to a high school student from another country and help build bridges of intercultural understanding at a time when the world really needs it.

This year more than 2,700 young people from 50 countries will arrive in the U.S. to study at high schools across the country. Enjoying daily family life, meals together, and community activities will make a world of difference to a young visitor who is eager to experience what it’s like to live as a member of a family, school, and community in the U.S.

Host families provide a bed and meals, and the same guidance and support to students as they would to their own son or daughter. Medical insurance is covered by AFS (American Field Service Intercultural Programs). Host families and students receive support from local AFS Volunteers. Single and retired folks in their late 20’s to 70’s, with or without children or grandchildren, make great host families.

Host an AFS Exchange Student and build bridges of intercultural understanding.

It’s a gift you’ll give and receive. Most families have no idea how much they’ll gain until they say yes. To learn more, call 1-800-AFS-INFO.. You can also complete a hosting interest form at www.afs.org/usa. and contact locally, Jenny Myers, hosting coordinator at 615-385-9644 or . The local web site is www.misstennky.org.

AFS ‘aunts’ and ‘uncle are also needed, as well as liaisons who volunteer to meet monthly with host families and their students. Call AFS for details. today to reach out to the world and make your wishes known as to what type of student you would like and /or if you would like to be a volunteer.  Future host families may request gender, country of origin and/or talents and interest for the new AFSer for which applications are arriving each week.  The sooner families request their wishes the greater the chances of AFS finding them the perfect student for their family.

AFS has been hosting and sending teachers and students on exchanges for over 61 years. It is the leading exchange organization in the world partnering with over 50 other countries.  It is intercultural, international and a not-for-profit organization.

AFS volunteers are ready and able to come as speakers to any group of interested individuals.  Just give AFS a call to set up a date. AFS will also be glad to set up a table at lunch to share our many opportunities for hosting and sending at schools.  There is still room for students to go to many of our programs for the summer, semester and year programs, but they are limited.


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