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“Meet the Photographer” Event

The Customs House MuseumOn Friday, April 24th, David Farmerie will be holding a lecture and discussion in the museum auditorium at 7 pm. This event, sponsored in part by the Arts and Heritage Development Council, is free to the public. The subject of David’s talk will be his Seven Deadly Sins series. Farmerie says,” When I was asked to create this series I was virtually unaware of the Seven Deadly Sins other than a vague recollection from my youth while attending Catholic school. After researching, I was amazed at what I discovered. They were not the oppressive doctrine that I was expecting. In fact, they seemed to have a profound place in our society today…and that was the beginning of the conceptualization”.

The Customs House Museum’s Women’s History Month has been extended through June 28th. This special collaborative exhibit, Underneath and Overcoming, is a three part installation created by the museum’s Community Relations Director, Terri Jordan. The exhibit meshes together a visual interpretation of where woman have come from in dress and attitude. Working with poet and author R. MonaLeza and photojournalist David Farmerie, the installation can be summarized as what happens when you put an artist, a writer, and a photographer together in one room. As viewers peruse pieces from the museum collection and the images of Farmerie’s Seven Deadly Sins series, they can read the edited poetic writing of Mona’s on the coordinating panels.

David FarmerieDavid Farmerie’s documentary and humanistic work is at the core of his profession as a photographer. In 1990 he decided to engage, predominantly, in photographic projects that add to the ‘greater good’ of humanity. Through his documentary images David explores the mysteries and stories of the world’s cultures and people. Through his humanistic images, he captures moments in order to teach, and to gain understanding through the frozen moments of the images, allowing for introspection and ponder. David’s recent work has included a photographic story entitled Roadside Redemption and the documentary Tobacco Farming: An American Tradition. The Customs House Museum exhibit, Underneath and Overcoming, is his first exhibition of the Seven Deadly Sins series.

The Customs House Museum is the second largest general museum in Tennessee. The museum is located at the corner of Commerce and Second Streets, in historic downtown Clarksville.


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