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Four APSU art seniors present ‘CMYK’ graphic design show

Austin Peay State University Logo In the world of printmaking, the acronym, CMYK, is an abbreviation for the colors – cyan, magenta, yellow and black – that often are mixed together to produce more colors.

But for four graphic design majors from Austin Peay State University, “CMYK is the title of their senior design exhibit, with each letter coming from the names of the student artists.

Colleen Linder (C), April M. Stilwell (M), Ryan Sample (Y) and Sara K. Neuhart (K) are presenting their show unti May 3 in the APSU Trahern Gallery. Gallery hours for viewing the exhibition are from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday and from noon-4 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. The viewing is free and open to the public. The event is sponsored by the APSU Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts and the APSU Department of Art.


The four students are enrolled in the Senior Exhibition class, a capstone course taught by professor of art Gregg Schlanger. Students in this course must present their work in a public setting to earn their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees May 8.

imaginariumWorks to be featured in the exhibit range from brochure design to Web design. The students have worked on fictitious client projects in the last four years in preparation for the working world of design.

“When given the chance, I chose companies with playful themes,” Linder said. “I feel that they compliment my personality, which in turn helps me develop enticing work.”

Linder said that concept is the basis to all graphic design.

“I have learned in the past four years, that art for art sake is, at most, interesting. But as a graphic designer, I am not at leisure to create without concept,” she said. “I enjoy the boundaries of concept; it proves to be a manual to all projects.”

For Stilwell, “design is everywhere – from nature to every product we purchase at stores.”

Stilwell has spent her years in school working on building pieces that provoke thought. The design process for Stilwell starts at the basic roots of research before sketching ideas and execution.

“I do not want to be associated with a set style but to be versatile in my work,” she said.

Ryan Sample

Sample likens graphic design to a puzzle, “sorting through the ideas and fitting them together are not unlike pouring jigsaw pieces onto a table to see which will fit together to create the picture.”

“The best design is simple and smart. It is the perfect blend of concept and style, using fundamental rules,” he said. “Rules are made to be broken, though, and designers are still artists. As an artist, I can’t help but push against those rules.”

Like her colleagues, Neuhart considers concept to be most important when designing. Interested in making her art connect to the viewer, she seeks to tell a story that makes people relate their own life experiences with her work.

“You can teach someone the design technology but you can’t teach someone how to think,” she said. “I love to be challenged and graphic design enables me to be creative and challenged at the same time.”

For more information about the “CMYK” exhibit, contact the APSU Department of Art, (931) 221-7333.


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