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Student Traffic Awareness Training class improves road safety skills

cpdThe first Student Traffic Awareness Training (S.T.A.T) class for 2009 had 12 students in the class. They were all licensed drivers with varying degrees of driving experience. The class was taught by veteran Police Officers and provided the young drivers with information on  speed awareness, underage alcohol prevention awareness, pedestrian and bicycle safety, rules of the road and procedures, traffic signs and signals, Tennessee traffic laws, and driving responsibly.

Beside the classroom training, they had an opportunity to see the effects of alcohol impairment on physical motor skills and driving ability by using eyewear which simulates visual acuity at varying degrees of intoxication. The students put on the eyewear and police officers then administered field sobriety tests to the participants. Also, the students were allowed to drive a golf cart with and without the eyewear to see the effects alcohol would have on their ability to drive. The class is  free to the participants.

There are several more classes available. Information on registration can be obtained by calling Misty Mackens at 931-648-0656, ext 2131 or Kaye Jones, 931-320-5762 or going online at www.clarksvillepd.org.


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