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Donn Janes candidate for Tennessee’s Eighth Congressional District

Donn Janes announces he is officially a candidate for Republican nomination for Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District.

donnjonesBRIGHTON, TN – The following statement was issued by Tipton County resident, Donn Janes:

“Today I am announcing that I am a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District and will seek the Republican nomination in the August 2010 primary.

Janes continued, saying, “I am running for Congress because the people of Tennessee and the 8th District need a representative who will work to solve the problems that Congress has failed to solve. These aren’t new challenges or new problems as they have been languishing for many years. They include social security, prescription drug prices, Medicare, health care costs, insurance, immigration, dependency on foreign oil and education.”

“I am not a lawyer or politician going to Washington to serve my own self interests, goals or ambitions I am your neighbor, your fellow citizen who can no longer stand by and do nothing. We can no longer put the spending of today on our future generations. I am running for this office so that I may help each of you, your children, my children our grand children and first and foremost, the stability and viability of this great country.”

Thank you.

Janes will be challenging incumbent Rep. John Tanner, (D), for the Congressional 8th District seat. More information can be found at Donn Janes’ campaign website http://www.donnjanesforcongress.org/.


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