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Dr. Greg Rabidoux files for U.S. 7th Congressional District

Dr. Greg Rabidoux
Dr. Greg Rabidoux
Dr. Greg Rabidoux has filed his papers with the FEC declaring his intention to run for US Congress in the 7th Congressional District of Tennessee.

Rabidoux is a faculty member at Austin Peay State University teaching law and politics in the political science department. He holds an doctorate (PH.D) in American Politics and Government and a JD (law degree) and is a certified professional mediator. He is a former staff member to a US House of Representatives Member, has worked at the United Nations and while pursuing his doctoral degree he worked full-time as a corporate trainer and manager. He is the author of Hollywood Politicos, Then and Now (Rowman & Littlefield, 2009). He, his wife Mara, and son Valentin live in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Dr. Rabidoux has declared his candidacy for US Congress and will “bring a moderate, informed, highly skilled and inclusive approach to the job” as he promises if elected to “faithfully represent the people of the 7th District and the values they hold dear”. He cites several factors for his decision to declare his candidacy now, which include the “ineffective, divisive, and increasingly obstructionist approach” of the current incumbent. He also cites the need to “work closely with the current majority in the House and Senate as well as the President to best serve the 7th District” and to “make sure they are not left outside looking in” as key budgetary decisions are made due to partisan animosity.

Rabidoux says that due to his “more moderate approach and proven ability to reach across the political aisle, he would make sure Tennesseans have a strong, respected voice and a seat at the table” when such decisions are made. Greg and Mara are Christian and believe that those who “seek and serve their fellow Tennesseans in public office must advance the moral imperatives of ensuring that government work for and serve all its people, especially those most vulnerable in society.”

Those wishing to learn more about Dr. Rabidoux  and the values that will guide his campaign should visit his campaign web-site at http://www.rabidoux4congress.com/


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