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The Montgomery County Health Department plans thermometer swap program

Thermometer_brokenThe Montgomery County Health Department wants to help the community by decreasing the amount of health risks in homes. Starting July 13, 2009, the Health Department, in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, will serve as a permanent collection site for the disposal of fever mercury thermometers.

The mercury inside these thermometers poses a health risk, especially to young children, if the glass that contains it is broken. Not only is the liquid dangerous, but also the vapors released. Trying to sweep or vacuum up a spill only releases more vapors into the air.

healthcarewithoutharmAccording to Health Care without Harm, the Campaign for Environmentally Responsible Health Care, young children who were exposed to mercury from a broken thermometer suffered from apathy, irritability, hypertension, weight loss, sweating, light sensitivity, and eczema. In some of the cases, it took months for children to recover.

For this reason, the Montgomery County Health Department is giving free, non-mercury containing thermometers to families who bring in their old mercury thermometers. Only one thermometer will be given per family due to limited supplies. Please bring your mercury thermometer in its original case or a sealed plastic soda bottle. To exchange your mercury thermometer please go to the Montgomery County Health Department at 330 Pageant Lane, anytime Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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