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Clarksville Community Organizers to hold planning meeting

organizing-for-america-logoBack in January of this year President Barack Obama announced the formation of a new group known as “Organizing for America” that aims to continue the grassroots advocacy that began during his presidential campaign.

“As President, I will need the help of all Americans to meet the challenges that lie ahead,” Obama said in a video message e-mailed to supporters. “That’s why I’m asking people like you who fought for change during the campaign to continue fighting for change in your communities.”

Since we currently are not in the campaign mode where we will operate under the name Clarksville for Obama we have been tasked to join the rest of the grass roots organizations across the nation in organizing in our communities under our new advocacy organizational name “Clarksville Community Organizers” (CCO).

Clarksville Community Organizers will operate under the umbrella of Organizing for America and will help to support the president’s agenda when called upon. Right now millions of organizers are mobilizing throughout their communities, across the state of Tennessee and throughout the rest of America to help assure that the Health Care Reform Bill is passed once Congress returns from their summer recess. Clarksville needs to be involved in this movement Right Now!

Since CCO is the formation of a new organization we will need volunteers to chair the group and fill other executive positions. There is a special need for progressive people with organizational skills and computer knowledge. But all are welcome to join for support team member’s and people who want change! I encourage you all too please attend the following meeting.

Clarksville Community Organizers organizational planning meeting

When: Friday, August 14, 2009
Place: Harbor Café Restaurant, 2131 Lowes Drive
Time: 7:00 p.m.

Please bring your laptop computer if you have one.

Thanks for your time and Support!
Terry McMoore


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