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Tennessee Airports honored with Awards of Excellence

tdot-logo-lgEach year the Tennessee Airport Conference plays host to recognizing those facilities, individuals and staff that have advanced the cause of safe, efficient and effective aviation in Tennessee. The conference is a function of TDOT’s Aeronautics Division. Five awards of excellence were announced at this year’s conference, which was held in Nashville.

According to TDOT’s Communications Office, Commissioner Gerald Nicely said, “Each of these winners is setting an example for others through their leadership, dedication, persistence and overall commitment to excellence.”

TDOT Aeronautics Division

The Tennessee Department of Transportation today recognized five Tennessee Airports with Awards of Excellence in aviation. The awards were presented at the 24th Annual Tennessee Airports Conference in Nashville. The Awards of Excellence recognize outstanding achievements and contributions to aviation in five categories: Airport of the Year, Most Improved Airport, Governing Body of the Year, Airport Manager of the Year, and Career Contributions to Aviation.

The Fayetteville Municipal Airport was selected as Airport of the Year. To receive this award, the airport’s commission has demonstrated a long term commitment to the operation, appearance, maintenance and level of service at their airport.

The Tennessee Aeronautics Commission recognized Winchester Municipal Airport as Most Improved Airport of the Year for their efforts to improve the facilities, service and overall operation of the airport.

The Excellence Award for Governing Body of the Year was presented to the Portland Airport Authority for demonstrating superior leadership in the field of aviation.

Danny Collins with the Rockwood Municipal Airport was awarded the Excellence Award for Airport Manager of the Year. TDOT Aeronautics Director Bob Woods said, “Danny Collins sets the bar for all other airport managers through his steady leadership, dedication, persistence and an overall commitment to excellence.”

Montill Warren of Savannah, Tennessee was honored for his many contributions to the aviation industry by presenting him with the Excellence Award for Career Contributions to Aviation. Warren is the manager of the Savannah-Hardin County Airport.“Montill Warren has set an example for others in our industry through his impressive leadership, dedication, persistence and overall commitment to excellence in the field of aviation,” said TDOT Aeronautics Director Bob Woods.

“The Aeronautics Commission recognizes the combined, cooperative and ongoing efforts of many people and groups to continue to improve our aviation industry,” said TAC Chair Ronald Cooper. “These awards, whether to an individual, organization or airport, recognize all who have contributed to aviation.”


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