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Representative Brian Kelsey to introduce “Health Care Choice Act”

State Rep. Brian Kelsey

Nashville – Representative Brian Kelsey announced yesterday that he will introduce the “Health Care Choice Act” in an effort to lower health insurance costs and provide choice to Tennesseans. The legislation would allow Tennesseans to purchase health insurance plans from companies in other states, a practice that is currently prohibited.

“Americans want and deserve health care reform but not the government-run health care that is being discussed in Washington. This legislation is health care reform at the state level that will lower heath insurance costs and provide more choices to Tennesseans,” said Representative Kelsey.

The Health Care Choice Act will expand the number of health care plans available for purchase from 127 in Tennessee to potentially more than 5,000 plans nationwide1.

“The goal is to lower costs by offering more choices,” continued Kelsey. “With this legislation, Tennesseans will have more access to affordable health care insurance.”

Co-sponsor Representative Joey Hensley, MD, the only physician in the General Assembly, stated, “It’s important that people have the option to be able to purchase affordable insurance plans without the limitations of individual state mandates. As a physician I have seen first hand the problems people have obtaining reasonably priced insurance and this would expand the pool from which people have to choose insurance plans. Competition in the market place will lower prices and increase the quality of their choices.”

At least 5 other states have introduced similar legislation, including New Jersey, Colorado, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington. A bill introduced on the federal level aims to allow states to enter into an interstate compact to sell health insurance over state lines. The Washington Post recently reported that Tennessee’s own Senator Bob Corker is pursuing legislation on the federal level to allow a new insurance exchange, allowing companies to compete across state lines nationwide.

Co-sponsor Representative Bob Ramsey, a dentist, added, “My constituents are disappointed and frustrated with Washington’s current discussions on healthcare reform. I feel compelled to examine and offer a more efficient and rational solution. I am proud to join my House colleagues in this alternativeBo endeavor.”

“It’s time for state legislatures to weigh in on this national debate and take a stand against government-run health care,” said Kelsey. “I look forward to having this discussion with my colleagues, so that we can work together to make health insurance more affordable for more Tennesseans,” he concluded.

1According to eHealthInsurance.com


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