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City Charter revisions going down in flames at the State Legislature

With the city charter being in the news for the past few months, I found a short video of a state committee meeting that I thought should be shared.   The video is of the  meeting where the committee killed the bill which would have revised Clarksville’s city charter.

The committee members comments are insightful.   No representatives from Clarksville’s administration attended this meeting – not the Mayor, not the Council Members that are for the revisions, and not the Council Members that are against the revisions.  Representative Curtis Johnson presents the bill alone…and gets hammered with questions.

You know it’s gonna be bad, when Rep. Todd’s very first question starts, “This has nothing to do with you sir, BUT…..”  Watch the representative next to the Rep. Todd.  She looks shocked by the powers granted to the Mayor in the new charter.  Rep. Miller asks “Was this voted on by your local government?…..So the local legislative body was willing to give up its own authority?”  He looks completely puzzled.

Let’s set aside the particular issues of the charter.  And let’s think about how the city’s administration is viewed by the state legislature, the city’s supposed peers.  What is the image being projected and is that an image that we want to continue to project?  The mayoral race is coming up.  You will have a chance to change our image.  Get educated, get involved, and cast an informed vote in our local elections. They matter.