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Independent Film Studio to shoot Movie In West Tennessee

Independent Film Producer and Director Josh Mason is scheduled to start shooting his first full length feature film, entitled “No More Sorrow,” in West Tennessee this week.  The film is a reproduction of a short that Mason had shot two years ago.  The movie is scheduled to be released at the the Indie Memphis Film Festival, October 22nd, 2010.

Mason, who is only 20 years old, has been shooting short films since he was 16, and developed a 13 episode online series entitled The Mason Studios Show. The show as well as some of his other projects can be seen on the “JoshMasonStudios” channel on YouTube as well as the website www.joshmasonstudios.com.  Mason’s obsession with the industry, spawned from his first job, working at the Cineplanet  Movie Theatre in Atoka, Tennessee.  “Shooting films can be very expensive, but I am investing everything and counting on a win at the Film Festival.” Mason said.

This year, Mason upgraded his equipment to film the full length feature, using some of the same equipment used to film the movie “300,” such as  Avid, with an HD cut also maintained in Final Cut Pro. The film maker prefers Macintosh for editing.

The movie is sure to be action packed with explosions and tons of effects, to create plenty of excitement for movie goers this fall.


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