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Stop the Quarry town hall meeting scheduled

The Logo of the Stop the Quarry group
The Logo of the Stop the Quarry group

Stop the Quarry will be holding a town hall meeting on Tuesday, June 29th from 7:00pm – 8:30pm at Northeast Baptist Church (3900 Trenton Road). They would like people to help them spread the word to let everyone who may not be checking their site regularly or even know about the potential quarry situation know about the meeting.

Gretchen Daenell is also looking for volunteers who are willing to represent their neighborhood and be their neighborhood’s official point of contact. This would require periodic meetings with “Stop the Quarry,” and the ability to make contact with each of your neighborhood residents. The objective is to get a representative for each neighborhood allowing for a more rapid disbursement of information and to allow the organization to get feedback from neighborhood residents. Please let her know via email if you are interested.


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