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The Passing of World War II ‘Icon’ Edith Shain

Nurse Kissed in Times Square Photo
Edith Shain (1918-2010)

Washington, DC — The family of Edith Shain announced the passing of their dear mother in Los Angeles on Sunday June 20th, 2010 California at the age of 91.

Ms. Shain was a Registered Nurse, kindergarten teacher, public access cable television producer who became a world famous figure following her participation in the 50th Anniversary of V-J Day in August of 1995.

In August of 1945 she was photographed by famed photographer Alfred Eisenstadt while kissing a jubilant U.S. Sailor in Times Square, in celebration of the end of World War II. Her son Michael Shain described the photo as having captured “an epic moment in American history, one that inspired patriotism, unity, joy and a spontaneous national pride in victoriously ending the war.”

When asked why his mother had attracted so much attention in her senior years, her son Dr. Robert Shain explained “she had a wonderful charismatic personality full of love, laughter and caring about other people and in government and politics.”

Edith Shain is also survived by son Justin Decker, who said, “my mom was always willing take on new challenges and caring for the World War II veterans energized her to take another chance to make a difference.” She also leaves behind six grand children and eight great grandchildren.

The Kiss Heard Round The World - Times Square, New York - August 14th, 1945

Lifetime Highlights of World War II “Icon” Edith Shain:

  • Born and raised in Tarrytown New York July 29th, 1918
  • New York Hunter High School graduate (age 16)
  • 1947 graduate from New York Doctors Nursing School
  • Bachelors degree in education New York University
  • Hancock Park & Burbank Kindergarten Teacher (30 yrs)
  • Continued nursing license, working night shift at Cedars Lebanon.
  • She was the subject of a Life magazine article in 1979 her and Eisenstadt
  • Co-founder, Producer of Full Disclosure Public Access TV Program in Los Angeles
  • Director, American Association of Women, Public Affairs Education

Edith Shain’s participation in Veteran Memorial events included :

  • 60th Year Anniversary WW II to New York Times Square
  • 25 ft. statute next to the war ship in San Diego
  • Grand Marshall of numerous parades
  • Grand Marshall Veterans Day in NY City
  • Laid Down the wreath of WW2 Tundra Tomb Washington DC
  • Numerous overseas appearances for Veterans Memorial events

Website: www.edithshainmemories.com


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