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Sunday, December 4, 2022

The Rock

A Devotional By Brother Shep

The other day as I was looking through one of my concordances I came across the list of names of Jesus.  Some of them were counselor, Rose of Sharon, Morning Star but one caught my attention particularly and that is He is called the Rock. 

One day I was riding my four wheeler on the back side of my Sister and Brother-in-laws farm and there is a small creek there, and I like to go there and work on my sermon.   On that particular day I was sitting in the middle of the creek on my four wheeler and I noticed a small school of fish. 

The fish were real little and they were facing up stream letting the water bring the food to them, it was a beautiful sight but then something scared them and they darted under a big flat rock that was under the water. In a few minutes, they came out and started feeding again and then all of a sudden they darted under the rock again to hide from something that was after them. 

I imagine they were glad for the big rock to hide under.  It protects them, it’s a place of safety and a place they can rest.  I’m thankful that we have The Rock Jesus Christ as our security, as our place of safety, a person we can rest in when the cares of this world, Satan and sin get after us. We can dart under the Rock.

This is Brother Shep saying think about this.

Matthew 28:18-20 – “If you’re growing you’re going”


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