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APSU, HCC will be holding a press conference to sign dual admissions agreement

Students at Hopkinsville (KY) Community College who wish to enroll at Austin Peay State University after earning their associate degree will be able to transfer with ease, in large part due to a new dual admissions agreement between the two postsecondary institutions.

Leaders from both APSU and HCC will sign the dual admissions agreement, known as the Austin Peay Guarantee, during a press conference at 3:00pm, Wednesday, July 21st in the HCC Administration Building. The agreement signing is open to the public.

“Over the years, HCC has sent us great students, and I’m happy to see our two institutions take this new step, which will pave the way for other students in the future,” APSU President Tim Hall said.

HCC President Dr. James Selbe also expressed excitement in the new agreement.

“I am thrilled with the opportunities that Hopkinsville Community College students will have as a result of this agreement. HCC and Austin Peay State University have a strong history of collaboration and I am pleased that we can extend it with this unique opportunity. The relationship between our two institutions will truly benefit the students in our communities,” he said.

“We are very proud of our graduates,” Selbe continued. “According to the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, HCC graduates have Kentucky’s highest baccalaureate degree completion rate following transferring to the university level. Agreements like the Austin Peay Guarantee will provide yet another opportunity for them to showcase their preparedness to complete the bachelor’s degree.”

The dual admissions agreement offers HCC students the advantage of a structured approach for completion of the associate degree followed by enrollment to pursue the baccalaureate degree.

A dually admitted student first enrolls at HCC. Upon completion of the two-year degree, the student then will enroll at APSU to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Each student under this agreement is advised by both HCC and APSU, assuring a seamless transition from HCC to APSU.

“We are enthusiastic to implement a dual admissions agreement with Austin Peay State University. This offers our students a clear path from their associate degree to their bachelor’s degree,” said Dr. Kristin Williams, chief academic affairs officer at Hopkinsville Community College. “Both the ease and success of student transfer to a four-year college are top priorities at HCC. Our graduates have enjoyed success at APSU; this partnership provides additional advising services that will strengthen their transition.”

An HCC student can begin the process to enter into a dual admissions agreement at any time while enrolled at HCC.

“This can be right after they graduate from high school or when they start community college or as they progress,” said Ryan Forsythe, director of admissions at APSU.

The dual admissions agreement is applicable for HCC students wanting to pursue any academic discipline at APSU.

For more information about dual admissions agreements between HCC and APSU, call Ryan Forsythe at 931-221-7015 or e-mail at forsyther@apsu.edu.


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