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Mother Charged with Child Neglect/Abuse

Clarksville Police DepartmentOn August 3rd, around 7:38pm, officers responded to 2100 Lowes Dr about a 10 month old male child being left alone in a vehicle.  A 44 year old man came out of Kroger’s and was loading groceries in his car when he heard a child screaming.  He spotted the child in a vehicle in the parking lot; the rear windows were down approximately 4-6 inches. 

The good Samaritan went inside of the store to advise the manager;  he also called 911 to get help on the way.  After 911 was called, a Kroger’s employee and the 44 year old man were able to remove the child from the car and take him inside.  According to a witness, the child was very red and sweaty. 

Carmen Ellen Miller
Carmen Ellen Miller

There were multiple attempts to page the mother, Carmen Ellen Miller,  before she was located.  

When Officer Holman spoke with the mother, she indicated that she had only been gone for about 9 minutes which conflicted with the witnesses  account which said she was gone for about 20 minutes. Also, Carmen Miller conveyed that she had forgotten the child was with her.

The child was transported to Gateway Hospital.  DCS was also notified.


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