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Another False Report of Kidnapping, Robbery and Assault

The Police Department performed a time consuming investigation on the case with it ending in Charges of False Report.

Clarksville Police DepartmentJustin Harrison, claimed that he was Kidnapped, Robbed, Assaulted and had a vehicle stolen.  According to Harrison after he attempted to buy drugs, a man put a gun to his head, took his wallet, money, and 2005 Ford Pickup, drove him to the Vine Street area, locked him in a basement,  and beat him. 

Justin Harrison
Justin Harrison

Detective Colon’s investigation revealed that Harrison lied and he lent his vehicle and gave $72.00 to Vincent Pardue in an effort to get drugs,  Pardue did not give him drugs or return the vehicle. Additionally, Pardue told Harrison he would give the vehicle back if he was given $300.00.

Justin Bradley Harrison (6/14/88, W/M, Clarksville, TN) was charged with False Report, Bond: $5,000. 

Vincent Boisy Pardue was charged with Extortion, Bond: $5,000.

Vincent Boisy Pardue
Vincent Boisy Pardue

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