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Roy Herron stops in Montgomery County as part 8th Congressional District campaign

Roy Herron, the Democratic Candidate for the 8th Congressional District launched his campaign in Montgomery County Tennessee by making it a stop on his Cuttin’ Waste & Creatin’ Jobs Tour. The event was held at F&M Bank were he was introduced by Bank President Sammy Stuard. Herron is being opposed by Republican Stephen Fincher.

Herron arrived for the campaign event in his Red Ford F-150 pickup truck which has over 400,000 miles on it. He uses the truck as an analogy for stopping wasteful government spending, one of the focal points for his campaign.

“Washington could use some more folks who drive 400,000-mile trucks, who are willing to cut spending, start saving and quit piling debt on the backs of our children and grandchildren,” Herron said. During his stop in Montgomery County he called the current debt load “crippling”.

During his speech Herron made clear that he feels that it is past time to put a stop out-of-control spending, and he feels that we must begin to take steps towards that goal by cutting rampant waste from the federal budget, and by eliminating fraud from government projects and programs.

On his campaign web site he provides these examples of some the the waste he’s talking about.

“It is ridiculous to spend $150,000 for a traffic light in New York, $50 million for an indoor rainforest in Iowa and $74 million for shrimp research,” Herron said. “In Tennessee we balance our state’s budget by making hard spending choices. I support federal pay-as-you-go rules, so Washington will have to live within its means like Tennesseans do. I will push for integrity reviews to identify and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in the federal budget.”

Undertaking these steps would make it much easier to balance the federal budget.

Roy Herron addressing the crowd at F&M Bank on Friday
Roy Herron addressing the crowd at F&M Bank on Friday

Herron also said on his campaign web site, “Making cuts will require bipartisan solutions and caring more about our country, than one’s political party. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican, if you end up forgetting that you’re an American”.

Indeed another focal points for the campaign was with creating more jobs in Tennessee.

Roy Herron meeting an enlisted person before the event
Roy Herron meeting an enlisted person before the event

“I want the people to know that if they want to stop the spending and create jobs — I’m their man,” Herron said.

During his time representing the 24th District in the Tennessee State Senate, Herron said he championed policies that have made Tennessee one of the top three business-friendly states in the nation. Herron also said he fought for Tennessee workers by helping to secure major jobs initiatives such as the Northwest Tennessee Port and Industrial Park, the West Tennessee Jobs Megasite and the Hemlock Semiconductor Plant. He has also strongly supported jobs-creating road projects, such as Interstate-69, the expansion of US Highway 79, and other four-lane expansions in West and Middle Tennessee.

He said his experience as “a part-time citizen legislator,” will help him serve the people of Tennessee by working to create economic growth. “My experience in Tennessee balancing budgets and working to grow jobs will help me serve you in Washington.”

His campaign has put out their first ad recently, here it is.

Editor’s Note: Some information in this article was provided by the English language Wikipedia; and the Roy Herron for Congress web site, and the campaign news release for the Cuttin’ and Creatin’ Tour.

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About Roy Herron

Roy Herron in Montgomery County, TN
Roy Herron in Montgomery County, TN

A Small-town attorney and Christian author Roy Herron is running for Congress to bring jobs to Tennessee and restore fiscal responsibility to Washington. As a part-time citizen legislator, Herron has fought predatory lenders and passed laws that are tough on criminals while protecting victims. Herron has written three books including God and Politics: How Can a Christian Be in Politics? He lives in Dresden with his wife of 23 years, Nancy, and their three sons.

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