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11 Year Old Mauled by Two Dogs

Clarksville Police DepartmentOn August 19th, 2010, around 7:45pm officers were called to the area of Market Street about an 11 year male that had been attacked and bitten multiple times by two boxer/hound mix dogs. A witness told officers that she was outside, heard yelling, and saw a child being attacked by two dogs. She ran over and hit the dogs until they released the child.  When officers spoke to the 11 year old dog bite victim, he said he was in the neighborhood selling items for a school fundraisers when the dogs attacked him. 

Jennie Marie Lanham
Jennie Marie Lanham

Officers found the dogs on the front steps of their residence at 227 Mark Spitz. When officers spoke to the dogs’ owner, Jennie Marie Lanham, they were told that she was asleep and unaware the dogs had gotten out of the backyard through a space in the fence. She also let officers know that she was aware a board was missing from the fence and the dogs could get out through the opening. Furthermore, it was discovered the dogs had not received any shots. Animal control was called to pick up the dogs.

Jennie Marie Lanham (W/F, DOB: 4/20/84, Given Address: 227 Mark Spitz Drive, Clarksville, TN) was booked into Montgomery County Jail for Dogs At Large, Bond: $1,000.

The 11 year old sustained multiple lacerations to his right leg, groin, and puncture wounds to the abdomen.  He was treated at the hospital and released.

Officer Shawn Delle is  the lead investigator, 931-648-0656, ext 7223.



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