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Clarksville Mayoral Candidate Kim McMillan Announces Veterans and Military Affairs Task Force

Kim McMillan
Kim McMillan

“Clarksville has a treasured trust in our relationship with the United States Military and Fort Campbell. As Mayor, I will honor that trust. There are few places in the world where work more vital to our safety and security – our American way of life – is being conducted than right here in our home. We are blessed and we are proud,” said Clarksville Mayoral Candidate and former Tennessee House Majority Leader Kim McMillan.

“I am grateful that Lieutenant General Hugh Smith (USA Retired), Brigadier General Wendell Gilbert (USA Retired), Command Sergeant Robert Nichols (USA Retired), and Colonel Ted Crozier (USA Retired), have agreed to join with me in heading a task force to help chart the course in leading Clarksville to be America’s host city to America’s greatest providers and protectors of our freedoms,” McMillan stated.

“Kim McMillan is a great listener and a great leader. Kim McMillan will do a great job for Clarksville and especially for everyone connected to the military,” said Colonel Crozier, a former Clarksville Mayor. “She knows how to work with people to get things done. She brings people together to bring out the best in all of us. I’m proud to support her and I’m proud to be a part of such a distinguished group advising her on military related matters.”

“We will lead our city to serve those who do and have served us so well. Our vision of service includes reaching out to support the families of the military personnel in every way possible a city can. Our vision also includes making Clarksville a great place for military veterans to live, work, play and pray. We will recognize in all we do that military veterans are an enormous quality of life and workforce resource for our city,” concluded McMillan.

Kim McMillan for Mayor of Clarksville TN

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