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Cars and Deer Don’t Mix


Clarksville Police DepartmentWe are rapidly approaching that time of year when we see a significant increase in deer related crashes.

From January 1st – August 31st, 2010, we’ve had 43 deer related crashes, 11 of those occurred when vehicles swerved to avoid a deer collision, and three were injury crashes.

Deer Crossing the Road

During the same time frame in 2009, there were 50 deer related crashes, 10 of those occurred when vehicles swerved to avoid a deer collision and nine were injury crashes.

In the entirety of 2009, there were 97 deer related crashed, 80 were actual deer crashes, and 17 occurred when the vehicles swerved to avoid deer and twelve of the crashes involved injuries.

We offer the following hints to avoid collisions with deer:

Deer Crossing Warning Road SignPay attention to deer warning signs – drive with caution.

October through December are peak periods for deer related traffic accidents

Higher risk periods are from sunset to midnight and then shortly before and after sunrise

When there is no oncoming traffic, use high beams; it will help illuminate the deer’s eyes closer to the roadway. It will allow you more time to react.

If you see a deer on the road, dim your headlights, since it may make startle the deer and they will freeze in position rather than move. 

If you swerve to avoid a collision, try to maintain control of your vehicle. You could easily end up in oncoming lane of traffic or a ditch. Also if you make a sudden stop, it may result in another vehicle colliding with you.

The higher the speed of the roadway, the longer it will take you react. So be especially aware on the interstate.

If there is one deer, there are usually more to follow. Be prepared for multiple deer to cross in front of your vehicle.




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