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2011 Sport Fishing Regulations to be set at October TWRC Meeting

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency - TWRANashville, TN – The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission will set the 2011 sport fish regulations during its meeting October 27th-28th at Pickwick Landing State Park.

The TWRC was presented the 2011 sport fish proposals at its August and September meetings by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Among the proposed changes this year are the removal of special trout regulations in Dale Hollow Reservoir with the proposals to be the same as statewide regulations.

Changes to trout fishing on the Hiwassee River include the removal of the 14 inch length limit on brown trout and eliminate the Quality Trout Fishing Area from the entire trout zone (from the Apalachia Powerhouse downstream to the L&N railroad bridge at Reliance).

Other changes would include the implementation of a delayed harvest regulation for Hiwassee (from Apalachia Powerhouse downstream to the L&N railroad bridge at Reliance-entire trout zone) and a no harvest, artificial lures only from October 1st-February 28th and March 1st-September 30th. The trout creel limit is seven trout (all species combined) only two may be brown trout.

Changes proposed on South Holston Reservoir are being made to match Virginia regulations for the reciprocal agreement. They include no harvest of white bass, changing the catfish creel limit to 20 per day; only one of which may be over 34 inches, reduce bluegill creel limit to 50 per day and reduce the number of limb lines from 25 to 15.

The agency will present a pair of rule amendments to establish a $10.00 non-refundable application fee for computerized quota hunts for deer, turkey and Wildlife Management Areas. Currently, TWRA already requires a non-refundable fee of $10.00 for the Elk Quota Hunt and the Waterfowl Quota Hunt. This rule amendment will not affect Sportsman License holders, (including Annual and Lifetime Sportsman License holders, and persons possessing an Annual Senior Citizen Permit, Type 167), who will not be charged an application fee.

In other agenda items, the agency will present a resolution for TWRC consideration that will emphasize the future status of wild hogs and give guidance to the TWRA in the control of this species. Also, a presentation will be made on the public dove field program.

The annual awards for the TWRA Wildlife and Fisheries Biologists of the Year will be presented at the October meeting. In addition, for the first time, the agency will present awards for the Wildlife and Fisheries Technicians of the Year. The regions and Nashville office nominated candidates from WMA technicians, heavy equipment operators, hatchery technicians, reservoir, stream, and agency lake technicians, creel clerks, and forestry technicians. 

Committee meetings will begin at 1:00pm on October 27th and the TWRA meeting will start at 9:00am on October 28th. The public is invited to attend.


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