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Clarksville Mayoral Candidate Kim McMillan Kicks Off Closing Week with Kiwanis Speech

Kim McMillan for Clarksville MayorClarksville, TN – Kim McMillan, Clarksville Mayoral candidate, kicked off the last week of her election campaign with a speech and an extended question and answer session at the Downtown Kiwanis Club meeting in Clarksville on Tuesday (October 26th).

“Meeting with the Downtown Kiwanis Club was a perfect way to launch the last week of our campaign for mayor. It was great to talk with so many good friends,” said McMillan. “Most of the time was spent answering questions. There is so much wisdom in this group and I’m humbled to get their input on a wide range of topics that are important to Clarksville’s future.”

“Kim did a great job at the Kiwanis Club meeting today and gave good answers to thoughtful questions,” offered Ron Smithfield of Clarksville’s award winning Smithfield Manufacturing.

McMillan has continued the face-to-face leadership style in campaigning for mayor that she employed during her years as a state legislative leader representing Clarksville, “Meeting people, listening to them and learning from them, is a key to effective government and one of the real pleasures of public leadership,” McMillan added.

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