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Acro Dance Express – Presented “There’s No Place Like Home” a ballet Rendition of the Wizard of Oz

Acro Dance ExpressClarksville, TN – Acro Dance Express Studio performed a ballet rendition of the “The Wizard of Oz” January 8th, 2011 at APSU Mass Communications Building. The first show was at 2:00pm and was free to students of Clarksville Montgomery County School System. The second show was at 6:30pm.

"There's No Place Like Home" a ballet Rendition of the Wizard of Oz by Acro Dance Express.
"There's No Place Like Home" a ballet Rendition of the Wizard of Oz by Acro Dance Express.

For nearly 100 years, the story of “The Wizard of Oz” has given faithful service to the young in heart and time has been powerless to put its kindly philosophy out of fashion. To those of you who have been faithful to it in return and to the Young in Heart…we dedicated our show.


Dorothy – Victoria Keeton

To To – Aliyah Wise

Scarecrow – Grace O’Day

Tin Man – Caroline Burchett

Lion – Regan Luckey

Wicked Witch of West and Ms Gultch – Chandler Mitchell

Wizard of Oz and Fortune Teller – Sydney Beachamp

Auntie Em and Mayor of Munchkinland – Emily Shearon

Uncle Henry and Coroner – Victoria Davis

Pigs – Cora and Jenna

Wicked Witch of East – Emily Brown

Munchkins – Sydni Peterson, Brooklynn Mitchell, Marklee Cook, DaVanna Lockett, Sydney Digby, Ellie Streeter, Malia McDowell, Jenna Woodard, Maggie Watkins, Kirsten Couly, Madison Ropp, Caoline Weldon, Rebecca Helms, Story Dae Pugh, Rilee Jones, Lexie Chapman, Cheyenne Cozine, Zee Bridges, Deryn Allen, Sylar Baggett, Madyson Roberts, Hanah Berry, Alainea Chandler

Lullaby League – Mackenzie Jackson, Abby Carter, Katy Saldana

Lollipop Guild – Jennifer Shearon, Raeanne Black, Catherine Bagby

Flowers – Angel McDowell, Jami Dawson, Mary Drake Chavez

Crows – Peaches Chapman, Chandler Vinson, Macy Truitt, Morgan Cozine, Rachel Rittenberry, Catelyn Cozine, Madison Hyde, Madison Hawkins, Kyndall Waller

Trees – Brooklyn Mitchell Marklee Cook, Sydni Peterson

Emerald City Workers – Abby Carter, Mackenzie Jackson, Katy Saldana, Katelyn Missey, Jennifer Shearon, Catherine Bagby, Raeanne Black, Tally Bevis, Mary Truitt, Chandler Vinson, Rachel Rittenberry, Morgan Cozine

Poppies – Rachael Kempster, Jami Dawson, Morgan Stone, Angel McDowell, Mary Drake Chavez

Witch Guards – Z Bridges, Mary Drake Chavez, Jami Dawson, Angel McDowell, Morgan Stone, Tally Bevis

Guard at the Gate – Colin Bevis


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