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CDE states Attorney General opinion supports Piper hiring

Clarksville Department of ElectricityClarksville, TNThe Tennessee Attorney General’s opinion was released today regarding the Power Board’s decision to hire Johnny Piper as Superintendent of the Clarksville Department of Electricity.  State Attorney General Robert Cooper, Jr. wrote that Piper’s hiring was legal and above board in all aspects of the law.

Cooper’s opinion agreed with those of attorneys Tim Harvey and David Sylvus who said that the board could not be regulated by local law because it is set up by the state Municipal Electric Plant Law.  Cooper wrote “A city governing body is not authorized to impose other criteria for the qualifications of the superintendent of the board… and, the board is not generally subject to the authority of the city governing body when the board exercises its powers to manage the electric plant.”

This decision comes after months of scrutiny and unfounded allegations that Piper’s hiring was questionable.  This time has been very difficult for everyone involved.  Piper hopes this will bring an end to speculation and rumors and allow everyone to move forward and do what’s right for CDE and the City of Clarksville.

“I am not surprised by the Attorney General’s opinion, but I am relieved.  The integrity of me, my family, the power board members and CDE employees has been questioned during this time.  This opinion says what we have been saying all along.  This entire process was above board.  If we thought for any reason that my hiring was wrong or illegal, I wouldn’t have made the decisions I have,” said Piper.


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