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City Budgeting Process

City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – In conjunction with Sunshine Week, Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan announces details of an open budgeting process that will include the public and will help residents better understand what goes into building a budget.

The Mayor and finance staff will have budget hearings for city departments and city-funded entities beginning April 11th at City Council Chambers. All hearings, workshops and meetings regarding the 2011-2012 Budget will be open to the public, and the proceedings will be digitally recorded and posted on the City’s website for those unable to attend. A copy of the proposed hearing dates is available on the City’s website and is attached.

Sunshine Week, which continues through Saturday, is a national initiative to show the importance of open government and freedom of information. Newspapers, broadcasters and various organizations across the country participate in the week’s activities by featuring special stories and editorials that focus on the First Amendment’s right to know.

The public may attend the hearings to observe the process and learn specifics about department needs, proposed spending and possible savings. Later in the process, members of the public may address the City Council to express their thoughts on the budget.

To further help residents navigate the complicated budgeting process, Commissioner of Finance Ben Griffin, his staff and the Mayor’s Office have put together a “Citizen’s Guide to the Budget.” The 12-page document explains how government budgeting works, as well as provides an outline of the process and timeline for completing a budget by July 1st when the new budget takes effect. The Citizen’s Guide is also attached and will be posted on the City’s website, www.cityofclarksville.com, on Monday, March 21st.

Here is a proposed timeline of how the budget process will proceed.

  • April 1st – Departments will complete their budgets and enter them into the city’s accounting system.
  • April 8th – Salary and benefits will be entered into the system and the Finance Department will complete its review of the information.
  • April 11th through April 22nd – Budget hearings will be held with the Mayor, city departments, City Council members and the public.
  • May 31st – City Council budget work session.
  • June 13th – Notice of public hearing and a budget summary publishes in local newspaper.
  • June 16th – City Council budget work session.
  • June 23rd – Public hearing and first reading of FY 2012 Budget.
  • June 30th – Second reading of FY 2012 Budget.

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