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Coalition forces engage insurgents in Bar Kunar District

Written by Bagram Media Center

Regional Command East - Combined Joint Task Force - 101Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan – As part of ongoing operations, coalition forces returned fire in several separate engagements, to include killing five insurgents March 22nd in Bar Kunar district, Kunar province.

As coalition forces moved through the district, armed insurgents attacked coalition troops several times with small arms and rocket-propelled grenade fire.  Each time the insurgent attack was thwarted by accurate, well-placed counterfire.

The ongoing mission is one part of a larger series of operations that are continuous throughout Afghanistan. Coalition forces, with their Afghan National Security Forces counterparts will continue to conduct area security operations to neutralize insurgent elements; interdict and disrupt insurgent lines of communication; deny insurgent safe havens; identify, isolate, and eliminate insurgent leadership; and convince reconcilable fighters to reject the insurgency and peacefully reintegrate into Afghan society.

All rounds were reported on target and there were no reports of damages or injuries to civilians in the area.


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