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H&R Block Offers Free Second Look® Review to Help Taxpayers Recover Missed Money

H&R BlockClarksville, TN – Sixty percent of American taxpayers trust tax preparers to prepare their taxes and find every tax credit and deduction allowed by law.  Other taxpayers choose to prepare their taxes themselves. Unfortunately, many of them make serious mistakes on their returns.

Participating H&R Block retail tax offices will offer free Second Look® reviews through April 30th. This program helps taxpayers ensure the accuracy of 2007-2010 returns not prepared by H&R Block.

“I don’t like doing taxes; numbers aren’t my thing,” said Theresa Dudley-Ayers, Greenback, TN. “There’s a lot I guessed at and I have a feeling I guessed wrong.”  In fact, Dudley-Ayers overlooked several valuable credits and deductions. After an H&R Block Second Look, her tax professional was able to find her more than $5,000 back on her tax return.

Dudley-Ayers’ story, along with several other like-stories, became the backbone of the company’s new, successful, national advertising campaign.  This campaign showcased Second Look® events in Greenback, Tenn., and Los Angeles, in which a number of people were found with major errors on their returns.  Some of them overlooked credits and deductions.  You can view some of the success stories by going to www.neversettleforless.com.

Some of the more commonly missed credits and deductions include:

  • Making Work Pay Credit – Up to $800.00 for married filing jointly and $400.00 for single filers is available for the last time on the 2010 tax return
  • American Opportunity Credit – This $2,500 credit is available to cover each eligible student’s first four years of college, potentially equaling a $10,000 credit over four years
  • Energy efficient upgrades – The 2009-10 maximum credit of $1,500 is available on home upgrades such as exterior windows, exterior doors, and energy efficient furnaces, central air-conditioners, and many other items.
  • Earned Income Tax Credit – Missed by approximately 20 percent of those who are eligible, this credit can mean an additional $5,666 refund for lower-income working taxpayers.

“Let’s face it, these are tough economic times, and no one can afford to leave money on the table,” said Tyrone Taylor, Office Coordinator at H&R Block. “Taxpayers too often overlook credits and deductions to which they are entitled, and are missing out on possibly hundreds or thousands of dollars. They trust their tax preparers and do-it-yourself software packages to get it right for them. H&R Block tax professionals undergo specific training on new tax laws every year. It’s the clients’ money. We’re just getting them all the refund that they deserve.”

According to The Tax Institute at H&R Block, a nationwide survey showed 62 percent of taxpayers didn’t know they could file an amended return to claim missed credits or deductions. Generally, taxpayers can amend a return to claim a refund up to three years after the return due date, making the deadline to amend a 2007 return April 18th, 2011.

Taxpayers who want to take advantage of this limited time offer can find an H&R Block office near them, and a tax professional who fits their needs, at www.hrblock.com.

H&R Block provides guaranteed, income tax return preparation services through its company-owned and franchise offices, and the H&R Block At Home online and desktop solutions.  For an online tutorial, join H&R Block’s Get It Right Community tax forum, and visit its Facebook and Twitter pages.  Through February, one H&R Block Twitter follower is selected daily to win a free copy of H&R Block At Home online

About The Tax Institute at H&R Block

The Tax Institute at H&R Block is the go-to source for objective insights on federal and state tax laws affecting the individual.  It provides nonpartisan information and analysis on the real world implications of tax policies and proposals to policymakers, journalists, experts and tax preparers.  The Institute’s experts include CPAs, Enrolled Agents, attorneys and former IRS agents who draw from years of experience and H&R Block’s extensive network of resources. 

About H&R Block

H&R Block Inc. (NYSE: HRB) is one of the world’s largest tax services providers, having prepared more than 550 million tax returns worldwide since 1955. In fiscal 2010, H&R Block had annual revenues of $3.9 billion and prepared more than 23 million tax returns worldwide, utilizing more than 100,000 highly trained tax professionals. The Company provides tax return preparation services in person, through H&R Block At Home™ online and desktop software products, and through other channels. The Company is also one of the leading providers of business services through RSM McGladrey.


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