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Tennessee Outdoors Youth Summit application deadline extended

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency - TWRANashville, TN – The application deadline has been extended until May 7th, 2010 for the Tennessee Outdoors Youth Summit (TOYS), June 13th-18th. TOYS is for high school students from across Tennessee and will be hosted by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Students will be introduced to many outdoor activities at the event to be held at TWRA’s complex in Montgomery County. Among the activities that the students will become acquainted with will include boating, hunting, trapping, archery, photography, marksmanship, plant identification, forestry, camping, water quality, trap shooting, skeet shooting, wildlife identification, and several classes with wildlife and fishery biology as the topic.

Students will participate in hands-on classes that teach the importance of the natural resources and their management. Instructors will be wildlife and fisheries biologists, wildlife officers, college professors, professional shooting coaches and experts from specific fields of interest. Students can plan on each class they sign up for to be two to four hours in length and will include hands-on application in that subject.

Once students are accepted to the program, they will be able to attend at least 10 classes during the week. During this week, the students will have the opportunity to gain certification in many different programs. TOYS will provide youth opportunities to learn more in depth about hunting, fishing, and shooting. Students, who are interested in a career in the natural resources field, will also enjoy the experiences that normally are not learned until they are members of the work force.

The TWRA is hosting TOYS in cooperation with the Montgomery County Sportsmen Association (MCSA) and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation (TWRF).

The cost to attend TOYS is $300.00 for the week-long experience. Students will be housed in a hotel in Clarksville and bused each day to the TWRA complex. All meals are covered in the fee.

Parents or guardians will be required to bring students into town on Sunday night and pick them up either Friday night at the awards ceremony or the following morning. Rooms will be available, for a fee, if parents wish to attend the banquet Friday evening and stay the night. Students will be required to be picked up by 10:00am on (Saturday) June 19th.

Students interested in attending should submit an application and enclose a deposit of $150.00 to MCSA, 3630 Corbandale Road, Palmyra, TN  37142.

Enrollment is limited to 100 students and if an application is not accepted, refunds will be returned in full. If an application is chosen, the successful applicant will be sent a schedule packet. Students will select their classes of interest and return the applications along with the returning balance of the cost of the program.

Students will be assigned a roommate with two students to a room. If applicants have someone they know they would prefer as a roommate, it should be indicated on the application. Applications can be downloaded from www.tnwildlife.org or www.shoottn.org.

For questions or additional information, contact Jereme Odom at 615-781-6500, extension 2103, or email, .


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