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Vehicle pins 11 Year Old against a Tree

Clarksville Police DepartmentClarksville, TN – On July 8th, 2011 at 10:30am, an 11 year old boy is in stable condition after being pinned in between a tree and a Volvo Station Wagon.  The 11 year old went over to a neighbor’s house on Chickasaw Court to play, which is something he does all the time.

His playmate was not around so he climbed inside of a 97 Volvo Station Wagon and began playing inside of the vehicle. He released the emergency brake, unknowingly knocked the car out of gear and, since it was on a slight incline, the car started moving.

In an attempt to stop the car from moving, the 11 year old jumped out of the car and got in front of the vehicle.  He was pushed by the vehicle and pinned in between the car and a tree.

The vehicle’s owner heard the young boy screaming, attempted to push the vehicle off of him, but was unable to move the car. She had to go back inside of the house and get the car keys in order to move the vehicle.

The 11 year old sustained fractures to the femur and hip.  He was taken by Lifeflight to Vanderbilt and is in stable condition.

The lead investigator is Officer John Reyes.  At this time, there are no charges pending.


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