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Reverse Graffiti being used for art, “Clean Advertising”

EuromaxxIn their June 17th episode the European program, Euromaxx, highlighted a new form of art/advertising that is becoming popular with graffiti artists and businesses alike – Reverse Graffiti.  It has also been called clean tagging, grime writing, clean advertising and green graffiti.

Instead of using spray paint, artists using a high pressure washer and templates.  Artist wash away pollution, dirt and grime – leaving a company logo or art piece.  The method is marketed as environmentally friendly because it uses only water and the process cleans the targeted surface.  Some artists have utilized dusty car or dirty storefront windows.

Where as adding paint to a sidewalk is illegal, selectively cleaning the sidewalk is a gray area (no pun intended.)   As the artist says in the episode, if local authorities or property owners want to remove the Reverse Graffiti, all they have to do is clean the rest of the surface.  Some European communities are even regulating the form of art/advertising.

Wikipedia credits English artist, Paul Curtis, as one of the first artist to use a such technique – a technique he discovered as a dishwasher. 

Here are some of the more interesting examples:

Editor’s NoteIf you decide to try your hand at this new, green art, Please check with local authorities/property owners before cleaning public/privately owned spaces.

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