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Tennessee National Guard stands down from Hurricane Relief

Damage not as bad as expected

Tennessee Military DepartmentNashville, TN – Bags were packed, equipment and vehicles loaded and Soldiers and Airmen ready to move to Fort Pickett, VA, when more than 2,000 troops from Tennessee were ordered to stand down preparations to assist after Hurricane Irene.

“We received the call from National Guard Bureau in Washington at about 5:00pm on Sunday to stand down operations and recall the advance party already in Virginia,” stated Randy Harris, Director of Joint Public Affairs for the Tennessee Military Department. “Damage from the hurricane was not as extensive as we feared, and that’s a good thing. The National Guard motto is, ‘Always Ready Always There’ and it’s good to know that our Soldiers and Airmen are upholding the tradition of generations of Tennesseans before them. They are true Volunteers ready to respond at a moment’s notice”


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