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Juveniles caught in the act after attempting to break into a Residence

Juveniles admit to other Burglaries

Clarksville Police DepartmentClarksville, TN – On Oct 12th, 2011, around 11:00am, 911 received a call from a witness that saw three juveniles breaking into a residence at 617 Kingsbury Road. Officers arrived in the area and located three juveniles walking down Kingsbury Road that met description given by and later confirmed by the witness.

The juveniles and parents were very cooperative during the investigation. Detective Duke was able to ascertain that the juveniles had planned to break into a residence and decided on the Kingsbury residence because they thought it was unoccupied.  They knocked on the door and when no one answered, attempted to enter the house through a window.

They were unable to gain access because the window was locked, so they walked off. Police confronted them a short time later.  Also, the young burglars did not know there was actually someone inside of the residence when they attempted to break in. The woman was asleep, woke up when she heard the dogs barking, heard the knock at the door, but by the time she got to the door,  the three juveniles were walking off though the yard.

During the course of the interviews, one the 16 year olds and the thirteen year old admitted to breaking into at least four other residences. They showed Detectives the location of the residences; the other 16 year old was only involved in the Kingsbury Road burglary.

The Detectives are still trying to locate and contact the owners of the other potential residential burglaries at 1257 Cottonwood Drive, 744 McGraw Street, 1274 Josten Drive, and 255 Scarlett Road.

All three juveniles were charged with Criminal Attempt to Commit Aggravated Burglary and were taken to a juvenile holding facility. They had a detention hearing the next morning, and were turned over to their parents.

Property from the 1274 Josten Drive has been recovered and will be returned as soon as the owner is located. The investigation is ongoing and more charges are possible.

The lead investigator is Detective Vince Duke.


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