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Red River Bridge and College Street Traffic Alert and Construction Update

TDOT Projects CNH155 Red River Bridge and CNK249 Resurfacing College Street
Tennessee Department of TransportationClarksville, TN – CNH155 Red River Bridge – completion of all bridge work is expected to be done by the end of this week.  Final paving operations have begun and should be finished by Saturday, with all lanes open to traffic late Saturday afternoon.

Some additional work will be necessary next week for a couple of days to fully complete all work. Temporary lane closures can be expected, with delays, through the end of next week at this location.

CNK249 College Street Resurfacing – milling operations started this morning on College Street, from Kraft Street to Riverside Drive. Paving operations are also in progress at the intersection of North 2nd Street and College Street in order to reopen it by the end of this week if all goes as scheduled.

Milling and paving operations will continue for the next two weeks along College Street, and depending on the weather, all work might be completed by the third week of December.  Motorists can expect lane closures on a daily basis, and minor delays will be encountered.
Due to the necessary lane closures needed to complete all work on both projects, Motorists can expect delays on a daily basis, and an alternate route should be considered if all possible. In addition, Motorists should be alert to Contractor Personnel and Equipment in the roadway, along with differing roadway conditions while traveling through Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and College Street for the next two to three weeks.

Measures are being taken to keep traffic flowing as smooth as possible, however, with the necessary lane closures, traffic flow will be interrupted and delays will be encountered.


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