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Prepare Your Family for Flu Season

USA.govWashington, D.C. – Coughing, sneezing, and high fever – just the thought of all these symptoms can send you into a panic. Even though it’s cold and flu season now, there are ways you can prepare yourself and your family to avoid it as much as possible.

www.Flu.gov provides a variety of resources about the different types of flu strains, where you can get shots, and prevention and treatment options.

Different areas across the United States can be more prone to flu outbreaks than others. Check the CDC’s “FluView” to see the current flu activity level in your area. The map is updated weekly and can help you decide whether or not you and your family need to hurry up to the doctors for your flu shots.

Even though common colds are more prevalent this time of year, the flu can sneak up on you with no warning. Read up on how to tell the flu from a cold, the types of flu vaccines available to you, and find out who is most at risk for complications from the flu. Having a pamphlet on hand at the house can never hurt, and it’s a great go-to guide in case something comes up unexpectedly.

If you’re traveling over then next few weeks or months, make sure to check the areas you’re visiting, especially if you’re going outside the country. Flu.gov offers tips for travelers, including items you should include in a travel health kit and why you should look into what your insurance covers while you travel.

Whether you’re a homebody, or always running around, common colds and the flu can get to anyone; make sure you’re staying up-to-date with these tips from USA.gov.


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