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Colder Weather Causes Electric Bills to Increase

Clarksville Department of ElectricityClarksville, TN – According to CDE Lightband, many customers are currently seeing electric bills that have doubled from last month due to the colder weather Clarksville experienced in December.

Based on weather statistics maintained by CDE Lightband, December was 63 percent colder than November overall. The average high temperature for December was 51 degrees, compared to 62 in November. December also saw some morning temperatures in the teens and low twenties.

“For most residential customers, the heating system is the largest user of energy in the home, whether fueled by electricity, gas, or some other source,” explains Jim Manning, CDE Lightband energy services manager. “The colder the weather outside, the longer the heating system must operate, even if the customer makes no change to the indoor thermostat.”

CDE Lightband suggests the following tips to help reduce winter energy bills:

  • Set the indoor central heating thermostat to the lowest comfortable setting (68-70 degrees is recommended). If using space heaters, heat only occupied rooms.
  • Change heat pump or furnace filters every month.
  • Check the insulation level in the attic. R-30 to R-38 is recommended.
  • Seal holes under bathtubs and other plumbing penetrations

CDE Lightband offers an In-Home Energy Evaluation that provides energy savings solutions for homeowners and offers incentives for energy improvements made by the customer. Customers interested should call 1.866.441.1430.


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