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Want To Start a Food Business?

UT Extension OfficeClarksville, TN – “Things You Need to Know to Make a Food Product For Resale.” will be on Friday, January 20th, at the Smith Trahern Mansion (1st and McClure Street Clarksville, TN) from 10:00am until 1:00pm. Small Business Woman, Jenny Chandler will be the lead speaker for this event.

Jenny runs her business out of Ashland City, and works through the Health Department with that endeavor. She’s also done work here at the domestic kitchen at the Montgomery County UT Extension office permitted through the Department of Agriculture. UT Extension helped her and her family in developing ideas and securing training for their businesses, serving as a guide to meet food manufacturing standards.

Martha Pile with the University of Tennessee Extension of Montgomery County will be on hand to share about use of the Montgomery County Commercial Kitchen, Domestic Kitchen Certification Training and have other information and printed materials/applications for the small food business. Karla Kean with the Tennessee State University Extension  of Montgomery County will share the basics of the process of process of making acidified foods for resale. An acidified food is a low-acid foods to which food-grade acidy/vinegar have been added to reduce the pH below 4.6.

We want our foods to be safe and we want you as a food producer to be safe and these are the first and often asked questions that we will cover on this day. Have you already started your business? You are invited to be with us & share your knowledge that is what “The Gathering is all about. Running a business is anything but a small job, and ‘The Gathering’ gives owners a network of others to consult.

This will be January’s Gathering meeting and by attending this meeting you are a part of this network. ”The Gathering of Homestead Businesses,” is just a group of diverse entrepreneurs. Homestead Economics is all about what you are growing/making/service you are creating in your house or back in your workshop. If you’re making, doing things and people really have trouble finding out, just try the Gathering, it might be for you.” Each meeting we focus on an area or more of entrepreneurship through learning sessions, tours and workshops.

Our Winter Market will be underway that day and you are encouraged to shop around and visit with the vendors. There is a wealth of knowledge from others in business and our groups are willing to take the time to visit with you on January 20th, at the Smith Trahern Mansion.


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