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Company contacts Clarksville media about Clarksville Montgomery County School System computer hackers

Hank Bonecutter
Hank Bonecutter

Montgomery County, TN – According to Elise Shelton, communications director for the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, the man who called 911 about the computer “hackers” is the same person who contacted Clarksville area media about his company’s “evaluation” of the breach.

Aaron Titus, who identified himself as being with Identity Finder LLC, contacted Clarksville Online by phone to offer to send his company’s “analysis” of the school system’s recent computer breach and offered to do radio interviews to explain their findings, and offer his company’s software that would help individuals protect themselves against any future cyber crimes.

According to Identityfinder.com, here is what they found:

  • Identity Finder found 8,919 unique social security numbers. 4,942 appear to belong to employees, and 3,977 appear to belong to students.
  • Identity Finder found the full names and student IDs of 3,988 unique Clarksville, TN students.
  • Of those, 1,313 students had their genders and dates of birth exposed. The students were born between April 14th, 1987 and September 18th, 1993.

Clarksville Online contacted the school system to make them aware of the phone call, and Clarksville Online forwarded the email to them.  Shelton then told this reporter, that Titus was the man identified as the caller to Clarksville police on Sunday.

According to information received about the incident, the group claims that Clarksville was targeted because it wouldn’t reply to basic security standards.  The school system has not commented on any of the claims made by the hackers, and have simply stated they are following the FBI’s lead in handling the investigation.

The school system’s computers have been taken offline and they are trying to contact those who were affected by the breach.  Those who fear they may have been compromised should contact their financial institution about tighter security measures, and monitor their online financial accounts for any suspicious activity.

Titus did tell Clarksville Online that he didn’t feel as though there would be anymore data released by the group, and the information that was released would not be a threat to those who were disclosed.

This story continues to develop and we encourage you to monitor Clarksville Online, and our radio news partner, WJZM 1400am for more information.

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Hank Bonecutter
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