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Clarksville Department of Electricity offers these Tips to help you Save Energy and Stay comforable this Summer

Clarksville Department of ElectricityClarksville, TN – With some simple planning and a little bit of effort, you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your home throughout the summer months while keeping your power bills under control.

“There are a number of easy things you can do to help your cooling system operate better,” says Jim Manning of the Clarksville Department of Electricity (CDE). “By maximizing the efficiency of your cooling system, you can keep the temperature in you home more consistent and cut down on your air-conditioning costs.”

Here are ten tips from CDE to help you cool your home more efficiently.

  1. Set your thermostat for savings – It pays to set your thermostat at the highest comfortable setting. By setting your thermostat at a higher setting during the summer months, you can lower your power bills.
  2. Change cooling system filters regularly – Change the air filters of your cooling system each month. Dirty filters can decrease the efficiency of your system. Also, it’s a good idea to have your system professionally serviced once a year.
  3. Clear the area around your outdoor cooling unit – Remove weeds, overgrowth, or debris from the area around the outdoor unit of your cooling system.
  4. Keep vents clear – To prevent blockage of air flow, keep curtains, shades, and furniture away from air vents.
  5. Close doors and windows – It almost goes without saying, but keep your doors and windows shut when your cooling system is on. Otherwise, you may be paying to cool the outdoors.
  6. Avoid generating unnecessary heat – Turn off lights, televisions, and computers when not in use.
  7. Use fans when possible – Early and late summer are the perfect times to take advantage of electric fans to cool your home. The average fan costs only a few cents per hour to operate. Ceiling fans are another great way to stay cool and can be used in conjunction with your cooling system to recirculate cooled air. This will allow you to set your thermostat higher.
  8. Block the sunlight – Shutting blinds, drapes, and shades during the hottest part of the day will keep your home cooler and reduce strain on your cooling system. You also may want to consider reflective films and solar shade screens for windows that receive a lot of direct sunlight.
  9. Plan when cooking – Try using your oven during the cooler parts of the day. When you do use it during the heat of the day, try to cook as much of the meal as possible at one time. When cooking on the stovetop, always keep lids on the pots and pans, especially when boiling water. Use a microwave oven for smaller meals and portions. A microwave requires only half the power of a standard electric range and reduces cooking time.
  10. Take advantage of the cooler parts of the day for housework – Household chores such as mopping, dishwashing, and laundering add moisture to the air in your home that will later need to be removed by your cooling system. These tasks are best performed during the cooler parts of the day.

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