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Nyrstar becomes Clarksville Montgomery County Green Certified

Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certification ProgramMontgomery County, TN – The latest industry to become Green Certified through the Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certification Program is Nyrstar’s Clarksville Smelter. A Green Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held on Thursday, June 14th at their 1800 Zinc Plant Road location to celebrate their accomplishment.

Nyrstar’s Clarksville Smelter Green Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Nyrstar’s Clarksville Smelter Green Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Clarksville smelter has actively practiced green sustainability practices by using a closed-loop system, meaning all waste generated in their operations is recycled back through their process or held onsite for future use. Nyrstar was already a great corporate citizen with numerous green practices already in place; however, they still took part in the Green Certification Program to see what other opportunities they could utilize.

Steve James, Deputy General Manager for Nyrstar commented on their initiatives at the event, “We are a huge consumer of electricity, so we are always seeking alternative options. For example, our plant currently captures and utilizes waste heat from our process to generate steam. This steam is then used as mechanical energy and is used to heat and cool our buildings, avoiding the need for additional electricity. Also, in an effort to lessen our electrical usage, we participated in a lighting audit and have identified several opportunities for improvement.”

Nyrstar has also implemented recycling services for employees after seeing them done by other Green Certification recipients.

Montgomery County Mayor Carolyn Bowers was on hand for the ceremony. Bowers said, “It is exciting to see companies, like Nyrstar, that have been entrenched in our community for decades, take an interest in the Green Certification Program and continually try to find new and innovative ways to conduct business. They already do so much environmentally, and I applaud the Nyrstar team for their commitment to making Montgomery County a greener community.”

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