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Clarksville Police charge Juvenile with Stalking after following and trying to pick Up a 13 Year Old Girl

Clarksville Police DepartmentClarksville, TN – On August 23rd, 2012, around 7:15pm, Clarksville Police were called to Marhsall Drive to investigate an Attempted Kidnapping. Officers were told that a 13 year old female had been followed by a male in a black vehicle on Peachers Mill Road.

He pulled next to her and told her to get in the vehicle. She continued walking, the vehicle followed her, and then pulled up next to her and told her to get into the vehicle again. She crossed the street and went into Chum’s Market, 811 Peachers Mill Road. The vehicle followed her and pulled onto the market’s parking lot.

Bakari Smith

She told two men inside what had occurred. One of them lent her a cell phone to call her mother while the other man went outside and got the vehicle’s tag information. The vehicle quickly left the lot and pulled across the street to an apartment complex.

After the mother was contacted, the 13 year old was taken to her residence. While the 13 year old was being driven to her house, the vehicle seemed to be following and then turned off.

Police were called once she arrived home. Officer Zack Upton found and stopped the vehicle a short time later on Peachers Mill Road. But, the male, a 17 year old, who had approached the 13 year old was now in the passenger seat.

Witnesses confirmed the 17 year old as the person previously following the 13 year old. The 17 year old admitted to trying to pick up the 13 year old. He was in the area waiting to pick a friend up when he spotted the 13 year old and tried to approach her.

After she entered the store, he realized the men were watching him and left the store’s lot. After that he went to pick up his friend, who was the person driving the vehicle when Officer Upton stopped them.

As the investigation progressed, it was discovered the driver, Bakari Smith, had a revoked license and was found with cocaine in his possession.

The 17 year old has been charged with Stalking (Juvenile Petition).

Bakari Smith

Bakari Smith Name: Bakari Smith (B/M)

DOB: 5/7/82
Given Address: 1682 Windriver Drive, Clarksville, TN
Arresting Officer: Zack Upton
Charged With: Driving on a Revoked License, Drugs for Manufacture, Sell or Delivery – Cocaine
Booked Into: Montgomery County Jail
Bond: $6,000


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