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Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan names Brian Taylor new Superintendent for Clarksville Department of Electricity

Clarksville Department of ElectricityClarksville, TN – At the September meeting, the Clarksville City Council unanimously approved Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan’s appointment of Brian Taylor as permanent superintendent for the Clarksville Department of Electricity. Taylor, a CDE veteran of 30 years, has been acting as interim superintendent since July 2011.

CDE is unique to city departments in that it is governed directly by an independent Power Board. The Board voted to recommend the appointment of Taylor to Mayor McMillan at its regular monthly meeting in July.

“Brian Taylor has made significant improvements to CDE services during his tenure as interim director. Since last year he has dealt with severe storms and he has responded by helping CDE improve every aspect of their services. New substations have been built, the tree trimming program has been revised, the answering system has been improved to handle more calls and to better organize them and the telephone system and mapping capabilities have been upgraded,” said Mayor McMillan. “CDE’s vision is to provide the highest level of system reliability and I have full confidence that he will make that vision a reality.”

Taylor began his career at CDE in 1982 as manager of data processing where he was responsible for rates and customer billing. In 2008, he was promoted to vice president of business services, where he was responsible for all customer service, billing, metering, and energy services activities.

“I am excited about continuing CDE’s objective of providing safe and reliable electric and broadband services to a city that continues to grow at a steady pace,” Taylor said. “We want our customers to know that we are investing in our electric and fiber optic systems to ensure we meet our customers’ needs in all areas of our operations, from customer service to system reliability.” Taylor added.

“I’ve learned that one of the hardest challenges with running any electricity business is that no matter how much the technology develops, something as unexpected as a rogue squirrel can wreak havoc on a system. Not only is Mr. Taylor constantly looking for ways to prevent those unexpected issues, his primary focus has always been each customer’s experience with CDE. Under his leadership, CDE will move forward with their plan to take advantage of technological advances while measuring progress through customer service,” Mayor McMillan said.

CDE is a municipally-owned electric and broadband utility serving approximately 64,000 electric meters and 14,500 broadband customers within the city limits of Clarksville.


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