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Clarksville City Councilwoman for Ward 11 Kaye Jones to hold Town Hall Meeting October 1st, 2012

Clarksville City Council - Ward 11Clarksville, TN – Clarksville Ward 11 Councilwoman Kaye Jones will be holding a Town Hall Meeting on Monday, October 1st at 6:30pm at Clarksville Gas and Water on Madison Street.

I attended the Power Board meeting this morning (not a very warm reception), but that’s okay. Not much new going on there, but I can share with you that there has been lots of activity at the East Power Station on Georgetown Road over the last 3 weeks.

There are multiple companies, and lots of equipment and new poles in there, so I am hoping that we will see some progress with our power outages. I don’t mind being on their out list as long as our problems are addressed.

As you know, I asked for 2 simple computer generated reports on the outages in our Ward, and I have as yet not received them. The Mayor’s office has shut down all direct contact with the department heads, so we have to go public with everything that we need to have done. Oh well, if that is the way they want it, we can do that!

If you like Military History, the LST-325 will be in Clarksville, September 26th-30th, at McGregor Park. Admission is $10.00 for adults, and $5.00 for kids (6-17) under 5 are free!

I hope you have a fabulous week and I hope to see you on Monday.


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