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The crew of the LST-325 gathers for a group photograph prior to leaving Crete. (Photo by Joe Milakovich)  Front row, from left: George White*, Clayton (Bill) Nickerson, Donald Molzahn, Ronald Maranto (deceased), James Edwards, Dewey Taylor, Robert Jornlin, Hichael Nedeff, John Calvin and Bailey Wrinkle.   Middle row, from left: Harold Slemmons (deceased), Norval Jones (deceased), Albert White (deceased), Ernest Andrus*, James McCandrew, Joe Sadlier (deceased), Raymond Mai*, Richard Young*, Richard Meyer Crossand Jack Carter Cross.  Back row, from left: Donald Chapman, Edward Strobel, Gary Lyon, Lauren Whiting, Bruce Voges and Corbin Fowkes.   Not pictured: James Bartlett, William Hill, Donald Lockas, Joe Milakovich (deceased), Dominick Perruso and Paul Stimpson Cross.  *Had to depart the ship prior to arrival in Alabama.