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Clarksville Police arrest Man for Impersonating a Police Officer

Police charged a man with Criminal Impersonation after a woman recently reported a traffic stop was made on her vehicle in October.

Clarksville Police DepartmentClarksville, TN – A 25 year old woman, with her child in the car, didn’t think it was out of the ordinary when her car was being pulled over by a gold Chevrolet Impala after exiting Interstate 24 at exit 11 on the Hwy 76 Connector.

She could see the Impala following closely behind her in the rearview mirror with flashing white lights and heard a siren. The driver of the Impala motioned for the woman to pull to the side of the road.

Chevrolet Impala used during the traffic stop. (Photo by CPD-Jim Knoll)
Chevrolet Impala used during the traffic stop. (Photo by CPD-Jim Knoll)

She said the man was wearing basketball shorts and a black shirt, approached her vehicle, and asked for her driver’s license. She asked the man, who she believed to be an officer, why he pulled her over. The man said she was swerving in and out of traffic without using her turn signals.

The woman gave the man her driver’s license followed by her handgun carry permit. When the man was given the handgun carry permit, he became very nervous and handed her identification back. He did not delay her any longer and sent her on her way. The man got back into his vehicle and left the traffic stop at a high rate of speed.

After speaking to a family member about the stop, it was believed that the man was actually from a law enforcement agency. The woman did not think anything of the stop until she saw the vehicle again in her apartment complex, at which time, she reported it to Police on December 13th.

The vehicle was quickly located and the investigation lead officers to the owner of the vehicle, Derek Miller.

On December 17th, 2012 the victim was presented a photographic lineup and positively identified Miller as the person who initiated a traffic stop on her vehicle in October.

On December 18th, 2012 Derek Miller was charged with Criminal Impersonation.

Police are asking anyone who may have been pulled over by the Chevrolet Impala in the photo to contact the lead investigator, Detective Dave Bramel, 931.648.0656, ext. 5161.

Derek Miller

Derek MillerName: Derek Antione Miller

Race: B
Sex: M
DOB: 8/4/89
Given Address: 1705 Setter Road, Clarksville, TN
Arresting Officer: David Bramel
Booked Into: Montgomery County Jail
Charged With: Criminal Impersonation
Bond: $1,000


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