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Don’t sacrifice your Liver and Kidneys with weight loss drugs

Written by Dr. Dale Brown

Marathon ChiropracticClarksville TN – A University of Rhode Island study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), found the weight loss drug Orlistat, which goes by the prescription brand name Xenical and the over-the-counter name Alli, can cause “severe toxicity” to major internal organs.

Because the drug has been approved since 1999, we have to wonder how many people lost their lives during that time and were treated for liver and kidney disease because of this medication?

Along with toxicity, medications like Orlistat that block the body from absorbing fat cause really unpleasant side effects like diarrhea, oily spotting and the notorious anal leakage.

Researchers reported that the drug caused cancer cells to multiply faster and that Orlistat also boosts the anti-clotting effects of aspirin, raising the risk of bleeding both internally and externally. So how many people developed and died of cancer and how many people suffered strokes on this drug?

Orlistat, even at low doses, limits the function of key enzymes which are important in detoxifying the liver, kidneys, and the entire gastrointestinal tract which resulted in “severe toxicity of internal organs,” according to pharmacology professor Bingfan Yan.

Other weight-loss stimulants speed up metabolism but can cause strokes, heart attacks and cardiovascular problems. The list of dangerous drugs in this category are long: Meridia (heart attacks, strokes), Fen-phen (heart risk), Rimonabant (suicidal thoughts), ephedra (heart attacks, strokes).

The reality we must all face is that health and especially weight loss will never be achieved through drugs and surgeries.

Dr. Gene-Jack Wang, chair of medical research at Brookhaven National Laboratory commented that when losing weight, “You have to be very comprehensive.” Meaning there must be a multifaceted approach. I believe and know that it is a lifestyle change that must take place for people to lose weight and gain health all at the same time.

Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of the Health Research Group has said that, “the possibility that the drug will only do the good things like lose weight and not have myriad effects on the body — is zero.”

This is why Maximized Living has developed a total lifestyle makeover that enables people to lose weight through easy yet specific changes. We all know that eating “healthier” foods and exercising more will cut the pounds. But there are a lot of myths about what foods really help you lose weight and even certain exercise routines that can cause our bodies to slow down our metabolism and will lead to weight loss resistance.

If true health and weight loss is a goal that you would like to achieve, please join the Maximized Living Weight Loss challenge, “Resolve” and we will help you reach your health goals in 2013!

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